Privacy Policy

FifaBestCoin needs the user's personal details in order to provide fast and complete services. FifaBestCoin agrees that users' personal information will not be shared with other companies and collections.

  • All FifaBestCoin activities are carried out within the framework of e-commerce laws, so in order to issue an official invoice for individuals, information including name, and surname is required.
  • All FifaBestCoin correspondence is done through the email and phone numbers provided by the user.
    FifaBestCoin may use some information for marketing or advertising purposes or send news and information via email to the user. The user can disable the sending of newsletters in his profile. Disabling this service means agreeing to it, the user is deprived of any right to protest.
  • It is the responsibility of the user to maintain the password and username. Obviously, the user has a duty to protect and maintain his personal information. Any action that causes the disclosure and misuse of this information is the responsibility of the user and the user deprives him of the right to any objection.
  • The information of users is confidential and FifaBestCoin does not provide this information to the organization or other persons, except with the order of judicial authorities and competent organizations, in which case the company is obliged to provide the information to them. There is no compensation for FIFABestCoin in related incidents and the user has been deprived of any right to object.
  • FifaBestCoin uses better and more accurate services to collect cookies and users' IPs.
  • FifaBestCoin uses security protocols to make every effort to protect users' information.

In case of any problem, you can contact us through the following communication channels or proceed from the contact us page.