Lionel Messi in FIFA 23: The New Crazy Tackles

Lionel Messi, though more often seen in FIFA 23 settings performing a delightful finesse goal or a dribble past 4 players, has been shown in a recent clip to be capable of committing one of the game's new, more interesting tackles.

As EA Sports prepares to end its relationship with FIFA and begin anew with another football simulation game, many changes have been made to FIFA 23. In FIFA 23, there have been various changes to the Chemistry mechanic in the game's Ultimate Team game mode, as well as the introduction of new 'Moments'.

In addition to the improved content, the gameplay has been refined with new animations and subtleties, particularly in tackling. A new physical animation has been observed after Messi successfully tackled Liverpool midfielder Fabinho.

If one were to say to you that Messi and Fabinho had an altercation and that one of them was trying to injure the other, it would be easy for you to believe who was the one starting it.


However, a viral clip has revealed that not only can the little magician get stuck in, but FIFA 23 might have even more interesting animations than we originally first thought.

A recent post on Twitter from @WorldofJCC displayed Fabinho running with the ball while Messi rapidly approached him. 

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It is assumed that Messi was attempting to gain control of the ball, and in order to do so he leapt into the air and delivered a high-intensity kung-fu tackle that completely defeated Fabinho.

It may seem unbelievable, but we are confident that we have never seen this tackle animation in the game before. As the person who posted the video noted, it is likely that many people will attempt to replicate this online.

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