How to complete FIFA 22 Noble End of an Era SBC

This SBC celebrates Noble's legacy in FIFA with a very nice Premium card version. If you're a fan of The Hammers, his best card by far in FIFA 22 is definitely worth checking out.

This card has some impressive stats, including 93 Dribbling, 96 Passing, and 93 Defending. 18 points higher than his regular gold card.

The stats and requirements for this challenge can be found below, followed by the solutions.

FIFA 22 Noble End of an Era SBC

Noble End of an Era in-game stats


How to complete FIFA 22 Noble End of an Era SBC

To get Noble's new End of an Era card in FIFA 22, you'll just need to complete a few requirements related to England and the Premier League.

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Number of players from EnglandMin 1
In Form + TOTS PlayersMin 1
Squad RatingMin 85
Team ChemistryMin 65
Number of players in the Squad11
Reward1 Prime Electrum Players Pack



Premier League

Number of players from Premier LeagueMin 1
Squad RatingMin 87
Team ChemistryMin 50
Number of players in the Squad11
Reward1 Rare Mixed Players Pack



The cost of the Noble End of an Era SBC 

The Noble's End of an Era item is a great choice for any player looking for good stats at a reasonable price.

According to FUTBIN, it should cost approximately 135,000 FUT Coins on PlayStation, 129,000 on Xbox, and 154,000 on Origin PC.

The FUT market is always changing, so these prices could be different by the time you finish this SBC.

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