FIFA 23: Ultimate Team new features

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is introducing a number of changes to its most popular mode, including a revised Chemistry system. The following is a complete list of new features in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

FIFA 23 is the last game in the series before it gets a new name. Football fans are hoping that it will be everything they want it to be. Crossplay is being used from the start for the first time, and both Career Mode and Pro Clubs will have some new features.

The gaming community is focused on Ultimate Team mode as Electronic Arts has announced the new features that will be added to the mode.

FUT 23 new features; FUT moments

Ultimate Team fans looking for a singleplayer option with rewards can now try FUT Moments. This new addition to the Ultimate Team catalog offers a number of short scenarios, grouped into campaigns based on a well-known player, team, or tournament.

The game provides users with a series of objectives which, when completed, will grant the player stars. These stars can be redeemed in the Star Gallery for packs, players, and loan items.


FUT Moments will have its own live service which will operate independently from the Ultimate Team seasons. As a result, rewards will be updated at different times. Players have the option of saving up stars throughout the year in order to receive more valuable prizes.

EA plans to release a number of FUT Moments campaigns at launch, with more to follow over the course of FIFA 23’s life cycle.

FUT 23 new features; chemistry system

One of the most significant changes to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is the addition of a new Chemistry system which does away with the linking system used in the mode for over ten years. Now, players in the starting lineup can get Chemistry points from any other player on the team, no matter where they are positioned on the field.

Players and squads will now be awarded a star rating out of three, instead of the usual number out of 10 the 100. Heroes and Icons still provide significant advantages, counting as the equivalent of two players from their league or nation respectively.

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Chemistry will still impact player stats as it has in the past, but there will be no negative consequences for not connecting players together. In other words, the base statistics on a player's card are now the lowest possible amount that can be achieved. This change should result in more team-building options and freedom.

FUT 23 new features; Stadium customization


This year's FUT is also bringing a variety of new stadium customization options to help bring more personality to FUT matches. Home grounds can now be equipped with animated tifos, banners, and trophies earned through objectives and season progress.

The pitch area in a stadium can be surrounded by lights of different colors, adding a unique element to each game, whether it is at home or away.

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