FIFA 23: Our Predictions for Who Will Be On Top 20

According to futbin, as the excitement around FIFA 23 ramps up, we take a look at the players who are expected to have the highest ratings in the game. Here are the top 20 overall, starting with those who we think will be rated 89. Please note that there may be a few more 89-rated players who don't appear on this list; they could be featured in other prediction articles.

FIFA 23 Top 20 Predictions

20. Alisson Becker - 89 overall rating (0) - Liverpool

Although we have chosen to be stricter with some keepers this year, Alisson is one who has successfully avoided being dropped. This is evident in the fact that he won keeper of the year last season, which goes to show that the general opinion of him is positive.

Although we do not anticipate that he will achieve the same again during FIFA 23, the predicted 89 rating does mean he is the third highest keeper in the game. we believe this is a fair evaluation.

19. Ngolo Kante - 89 overall rating (-1) - Chelsea

Although Kante was included in the last season's TOTY, it was a quiet season for him and Chelsea during 2021/22. Therefore, I believe he will get a small upgrade.

Kante has been performing well below expectations and needs to improve his game if he wants to maintain his status as one of the best players in the world. Even though he is still rated highly, 89, he is not playing at the same level as the other elite players.

18. Casemiro - 89 overall rating (0) - Real Madrid

Standardization is a common occurrence among the top-tier players of the game, which indicates that the ratings are accurate and that any changes are unlikely.

Casemiro, as always, put in a shift for Madrid in midfield and showed once again why he is considered one of the best defensive midfielders in the world. His rating is very fair, and with Madrid's recent successes in both the La Liga and Champions League, there is a chance he may even be upgraded. However, we believe that 89 is a fair rating.

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17. Erling Haaland - 89 overall rating (+1) - Manchester City

Although pre-season has not been ideal for Haaland, it is to be expected that he would need some time to adjust to a new playing style. I am confident that, given some time, Haaland will prove to be one of the best strikers in the world. I am looking forward to seeing his performance this season.

Many people are excited about this player, and he has been receiving a lot of attention. He had a strong season with Dortmund last year, so I think it's likely that his rating will be slightly higher in FIFA 22 than it was in FIFA 21.

16. Virgil Van Dijk - 89 overall rating (0) - Liverpool

Van Dijk, upon returning from injury, was met with some hesitance regarding his ability to return to the level of performance he had previously displayed. However, he has been able to quiet the doubts of those around him and has continued to play exceptionally well.

It is possible that some will argue that Virgil van Dijk deserves an upgrade in his stats, but as of now, I am predicting that he will stay at 89. This is because, as of now, he is still the highest rated center back in the game.

15. Joshua Kimmich - 89 overall rating (0) - Bayern Munich

Kimmich is another player who, in my own personal estimation, doesn't necessitate many changes. Kimmich continues to perform adequately in his role and, although Bayern Munich were eliminated from the Champions League sooner than anticipated, I think their ratings will remain comparable to last season. The same goes for Kimmich.


14. Sadio Mane - 89 overall rating (0) - Bayern Munich

We were debating on whether or not Mane deserves an upgrade, but we have decided to keep him at 89. He could potentially do very well if he moves to Munich, as seen in his excellent pre-season performance. With Lewandowski leaving, Mane has the opportunity to become the team's new go-to player, and we believe that he has what it takes to rise to the occasion.

13. Jan Oblak - 89 overall rating (-2) - Atletico Madrid

 One of the more significant risks we have taken in this prediction is with the goalkeepers. Oblak is likely to be the highlight of this, after receiving a 91 rated card in FIFA 22—making him the highest rated keeper in the game. we are confident that he loses that crown for 23, but we have gone one further and given him a -2, thereby making him the third highest keeper in the game. we believe this to be a accurate reflection of Oblak's current skill level.

12. Cristiano Ronaldo - 90 overall rating (-1) - Manchester United

The Ronaldo situation is still unfolding and it's difficult to predict where he will play next season. As of now, he is a Manchester United player. If that doesn't change, I think his rating will go down a bit and he'll be at 90.

It's possible that we'll see a bigger drop for Ronaldo elsewhere, but I still think his rating will stay at 89. Although he didn't have the same kind of numbers that he did in Spain, he still managed to score a decent amount for United. That said, the drop will probably be pretty small.

11. Manuel Neuer - 90 overall rating (0) - Bayern Munich

we predict that many goalkeepers will see their stats decrease this season, after last season's hikes caused them to become popular targets for Squad Building Challenges. we think Manuel Neuer will be an exception to this, though. The Munich keeper is still one of the world's best, with an impressive sweeper-keeper style that makes him stand out, as well as great shot-stopping skills. Even though he's 36 now, he hasn't shown any signs of slowing down.

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10. Neymar - 90 overall rating (0) - PSG

Neymar is undoubtedly a very talented player, however his injuries and poor decisions on the pitch have prevented him from reaching his full potential. 

There are very few clubs who wouldn't want to sign him, as he would improve any team. However, due to his lack of playing time over the past few seasons, we have downgraded him slightly. He is still one of the best players in the world, and so I have ranked him as the 10th best player in the game.

9. Harry Kane - 90 overall rating (0) - Tottenham

The Tottenham Hotspur duo are now up, both of whom were always going to make the top 20 depending on their final placing. As usual, Kane did exactly what was expected of him and scored 27 goals across all competitions.

With the Englishman likely to see out his career at Spurs, he continues to close in on Shearer's 260 Premier League goals, currently standing at 183. In terms of other strikers, he is slightly behind the likes of Lewandowski and Benzema but deserves to keep his 90 rating and remain unchanged for FIFA 23.

8. Heung Min Son - 90 overall rating (+1) - Tottenham

Son Heung-min has performed admirably in the Premier League for a number of years now, which has gradually increased his rating over time. We are now seeing him in his prime, after he shared the Golden Boot award last season—an incredible feat that highlights his current skill level. 

With Tottenham Hotspur becoming a stronger team and competing for a Champions League spot year after year, Son is getting more exposure. Based on this, I believe he will receive another upgrade soon, most likely in the form of +1.

7. Thibaut Courtois - 90 overall rating (+1) - Real Madrid

Although it is difficult to ascertain which players will be highly rated by FIFA this year, I believe that Courtois should be crowned the best goalkeeper, or at least joint highest. Last year, he played a vital role in Madrid’s success, particularly in Europe, and he demonstrated his talent convincingly.

I believe that he should receive the award for best keeper of the year, as this is widely acknowledged to be likely. Therefore, I believe he deserves an increase of at least one point.


6. Mohamed Salah - 91 overall rating (+2) - Liverpool

Mohamed Salah has been close to being named the best player in many seasons, although his numbers are among the best. I think he will just miss out on that spot again, especially after Liverpool lost in the Champions League final and came in second in the league. Salah is likely to miss out on that side, but I think he has done enough to be upgraded by two, taking him up to 91.

5. Kevin De Bruyne - 91 overall rating (0) - Manchester City

De Bruyne is a very talented player, but he often misses games due to injury, which limits his ability to perform consistently. When he is healthy, he is clearly one of the best players in the world, especially in terms of his creativity.

However, because he doesn't play often enough, it's unlikely that he will be upgraded. I don't think he will be downgraded either, so he is likely to stay at his current 91 rating.

4. Karim Benzema - 91 overall rating (+2) - Real Madrid

Karim Benzema's commendable performances last season for Real Madrid were crucial in the Spanish club winning both the La Liga and Champions League titles.

It is not often that a player who is already so highly rated sees such a significant improvement, but Benzema's display of skill over the past year may result in him being awarded the Ballon D'or.

3. Lionel Messi - 91 overall rating (-2) - PSG

Although it may seem a bit harsh, I do think that a two-point drop in rating is more realistic than the potential gain from the number-one spot. It's no secret that Messi hasn't been meeting the expectations since moving from Barcelona. 

Although he hasn't been bad, his performances haven't been able to justify his status as the best player in the world. This is especially true when taking into account that his own teammate has outperformed him at times. Even so, a high rating is inevitable for the Argentine. 

This is because what he has done in his career is simply magnificent. Therefore, a 91 rating is still something to be happy about.

2. Robert Lewandowski - 92 overall rating (0) - Barcelona

Last season's 92 rating given to Lewandowski was a surprise, with EA historically not boosting players towards the end of their careers. However, the Polish striker more than justified it with a rather controversial transfer to Barcelona over the summer. 

At 33 years of age, paying 50 million for him is astronomical - even for a club like Barcelona with no financial worries. In terms of rating, I think he more than justified his upgrade last year and recorded impressive numbers for Munich once again. How he will tackle his new challenge is yet to be seen, but I expect Lewandowski to keep his 92 rating.

1. Kylian Mbappe - 92 overall rating (+1) - PSG

For a while now, people can't seem to decide between Ronaldo and Messi, but Mbappe has been doing pretty well for himself and EA seems to favour their cover star.

Chances are that Mbappe will stay in the number one spot for a while. With Ronaldo and Messi's careers coming to an end, there's not much of a chance that they'll be able to take back control.

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