FIFA 23: Everything we know so far

EA SPORTS is preparing players for the launch of FIFA 23. While there are not many details yet, some information has been released.

It is getting closer to the release of FIFA 23 and more information is gradually becoming available.We have already seen some of the new Icons and FUT Heroes that will be in Ultimate Team, but there is not much information yet on major new features.

This leads us to wonder whether FIFA 23 will take a new direction before the series is rebranded as EA SPORTS FC. Let's look at everything that has been leaked so far.

FIFA 23: Everything we know 

According to a report from industry insider Tom Henderson, EA SPORTS will reportedly add full cross-platform play in FIFA 23.

On February 28th, Henderson published several leaked plans in regards to the upcoming launch. One key point is that, unlike previous games, there will be full cross-platform play in FIFA 23. This is a change from the norm, where even players in the same console family were not able to play together.

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It seems that, if this information is accurate, people who use PlayStation, Xbox, and PC will be able to play on the same team. This is huge because it's never been possible before. If this is true, it could change how the Ultimate Team market and Pro Clubs work by allowing you to sign players from other platforms.

An extension of this leak was discussed on March 23, 2022, with notorious FIFA leaker Fut Sheriff claiming that: “Cross-play will be tested in FIFA 22. Probably won’t be on Ultimate Team, but is def coming in FIFA 23!”

World Cup 2022 and FIFA 23?


FIFA 23 will be the final game with FIFA branding, as was confirmed along with the announcement that World Cup content would be making a return.

They didn't give a lot of detail about what the content would be, but they did say that the 2022 World Cup will definitely be featured in it somehow.

Electronic Arts introduced new women's team options to Pro Clubs last year, and it seems that the company plans to continue this trend of inclusive content with FIFA 23.

Reports indicate that the FIFA Women's World Cup will be coming to the next game, so there will be unique content for fans of the sport to enjoy.

 It is unclear what the result will be. However, with EA Play possibly being announced at some point during the summer, it is reasonable to expect that additional details will be provided in due time.

Could an Online Career Mode Be Coming to FIFA?


There have, for some time now, been rumors of an Online Career Mode coming to FIFA. However, as of yet, these rumors have not materialized into anything.

At the time of FIFA 22's release, some hope was found in EA job postings.

In June of 2022, FUTZone suggested that EA was considering releasing Online Career Mode as a free-to-play game. However, the leaker admitted that the project might not happen due to the low chance of it succeeding.

FIFA 23 FUT Chemistry


Chemistry is an integral component of the FUT formula, posing a continuing challenge for players as they attempt to cram the best players into a single starting XI. Currently, Chemistry can be achieved with players from the same nation or league, as well as managers with the right league and nation. However, this could be subject to change in FIFA 23.

A recent leak from Weaver – FUT has revealed that FIFA 23 will enable players of any league or nationality to connect with one another. This will supposedly be done through a stars system, with every team having the potential to earn up to three stars. This is in contrast to the current rating system which uses numbers out of 100.

It is unfortunate that we have no more data on the matter. We are unaware of how the new system will treat stat boosts, or what the benefits of improved Chemistry will be.

If the leak turns out to be accurate, it would definitely change FIFA Ultimate Team 23, as players would be allowed to put together teams of international stars with no negative consequences.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team position change


Another key aspect of Ultimate Team is also being changed in FIFA 23. This was revealed by FUT Sheriff, who stated that position changes will see some alterations this time around.

He stated that a lot of athletes will have their main job shown on their cards, as well as a secondary job that they're okay with playing. This will be based on occupations they've had in reality, for example Lionel Messi playing as a center forward and on the right wing.

Users of the FUT can apply for a position change for their players by using a generic position modifier card, which can be earned through purchase of packs or on the Transfer Market.

If this proves to be the case, then it stands to reason that more significant changes in position will be possible, affording fans additional choices when assembling their team.

It is highly likely that more information about the game will be released as the year goes on. EA is probably planning to release the game in October 2022. 

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