FIFA 23 player with 5-star skills

Some FIFA players spend hours practicing complicated skill moves, but others simply sign players with 5-star skill ratings. Here's all of the rumored 5-star skill players in FIFA 23.

As the release date of the game, September 30, gets closer, EA has released the top player’s ratings daily. The developers announced the top ratings from La Liga, Premier League, and more.

Players with high ratings are of interest to those who play Ultimate Team and Career Mode, but those with 5-star weak foot or 5-star skill move rankings are the most popular.

In the FIFA game, each player has an attribute of either one, two, three, four, or five stars for both their weak foot and skill move rating. If a player is rated with a high number of stars for weakness of foot, it is easier for them to score on their weaker foot, and some skill moves require a high skill move rating to execute.

5-star skill players can use the Sombrero Flick to take full advantage of that  ability.FIFA 23 introduces three new skill moves; the fake shot, stutter faint, and heel fake to ball roll.We are going to look at all  of the rumored 5-star skill players in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 player with 5-star skills

A user shared their opinion about the best 5-star skill players in FIFA 23 and asked for further suggestions.


These players have been overlooked, but many football fans think they should be included in the team: Raphael Leao, Luis Diaz, Raphina and Jamal Musiala.

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Several of the 5-star players are mentioned on this list:

  1. Saint-Maximin (Newcastle)
  2. Rashford (Manchester United)
  3. Ibrahimovic (AC Milan)
  4. Coutinho (Aston Villa)
  5. Zaha (Crystal Palace)
  6. Paqueta (West Ham)
  7. Antony (Manchester United)
  8. Cuadrado (Juventus)
  9. Firmino (Liverpool)
  10. Ziyech (Chelsea)
  11. Di Maria (PSG)
  12. Dembele (Barcelona)
  13. Odegaard (Arsenal)
  14. Felix (Atletico Madrid)
  15. Sancho (Manchester United)
  16. Pogba (Juventus)
  17. Depay (Barcelona)
  18. Mahrez (Manchester City)
  19. Thiago (Liverpool)
  20. Coman (Bayern Munich)
  21. Nkunku (RB Leipzig)
  22. Vinicius Jr (Real Madrid)
  23. Neymar (PSG)
  24. CR7 (Manchester United)
  25. Mbappe (PSG)

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