FIFA 23 New Skills Moves

EA SPORTS has announced a number of new skill moves and changes to how skills work in FIFA 23. Here is a comprehensive guide to all the new features.

Given that this game marks the end of the FIFA series, fans the world over anticipate a number of thrilling changes to make for a grand finale, before it is succeeded by EA SPORTS FC.

A number of mechanics in dribbling have been confirmed by the developers to have been overhauled, with a list of new skill moves to be featured in the next installment also announced.

One of the skill moves that has been added is the 'left foot skills' move. This is a significant change as it means that players such as Riyad Mahrez or Lionel Messi can change directions much more flexibly. This is something that fans have been requesting for a number of years.

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Changes were unveiled on 27 July as part of the official gameplay trailer.

FIFA 23 New Skills Moves

EA has announced that the following skill moves will be included in the upcoming FIFA 23 game and that players with early access through EA Play will be able to try them out first.

  1. For the first time in series history, left-footed players have access to skill moves on their dominant foot, providing them with greater dribbling flexibility.
  2. There are some new fake shot moves in FIFA 23, but you can only do them if you're an "elite" player. Before, any player could do them.
  3. The stutter faint is a basketball move in which you pretend to faint in one direction, but then quickly go the other way. It can be used to fake out your opponent and is similar to an ankle-breaker.
  4. The heel fake to ball roll move allows the player to pretend they are going to pass the ball with their heel, before actually rolling the ball in another direction. This can be used to beat defenders who are marking fast wingers.

These types of skill moves give better players an advantage when they are trying to get through the other team's defense. We think there will be a complete list of controls for each of them released soon.

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