FIFA 22 ultimate team

According to Electronic Arts, FIFA 22 has experienced many changes in the team ‘s end. In the following, we will interpret each of them.

Division Rivals

For FIFA 22 we’ve overhauled Division Rivals. We’re introducing a new seasonal progression system, along with the Elite Division, a new space for the best FUT players in the world to compete in.

Division Rivals is the most popular mode in FIFA Ultimate Team, and in FUT 22 we aim to achieve the following goals:

  • Provide more transparent progression so you know where you stand in a Division and what you need to do to earn promotion and rewards.
  • Reduce weekly match requirements and provide new ways to earn rewards for playing at the level you’re comfortable with.
  • Create a competitive environment for top players with the new Elite Division and leaderboard.
  • Keep the Division Rivals experience feeling fresh throughout the year with the introduction of Seasons.

Let’s break down how Division Rivals will work in FIFA 22.

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In FIFA 22, how you climb Divisions and earn rewards has changed. Division Rivals is moving to a new ladder system where each Division is made up of the following components:

  • Ranks that reflect your progress within a Division and unlock better Weekly Rewards.
  • Stages, which are the individual steps between Ranks.
  • Checkpoints that prevent losing progress and ensure that players remain at their appropriate skill level.

The result of each match determines how you progress on the ladder.

  • Winning a match moves you forward one Stage.
  • Losing a match moves you back one Stage unless you are on a Checkpoint.
  • Drawing will keep you at your current position.

Winning two consecutive matches in a row will start a win streak. While on a win streak, you’ll see it indicated with a flame icon. You’ll progress an additional Stage for every consecutive win.

For example, you’ve won your last two Rivals matches, played a third, and won that as well. This will move you up two Stages. Win Streaks will continue until you draw or lose a match.

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Starting Out

All players start in Division 10, immediately aiming to make progress towards higher Ranks and Divisions while earning Weekly Rewards. With this change, Placement Matches have been removed from Division Rivals alongside the placement route through Squad Battles.

Elite Division

The Elite Division is a new tier of competition beyond Division 1.

The Elite Division is where the best FUT players in the world can compete. Progression in the Elite Division changes to a Skill Rating system, which players might be familiar with from FUT 21.

All players in the Elite Division are Ranked, based on their Skill Rating, with the top 200 appearing on the Global Leaderboard.

Once you’ve made it to the Elite Division, you will remain there throughout the rest of the current Season.

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Weekly Rewards

Weekly Rewards in Division Rivals are earned by winning a set number of matches before the end of the week. When the week closes out, you’ll receive your reward based on the Rank you’re currently in. The higher you climb in Divisions and Ranks, the better your Weekly Rewards will be. If you start the week in Div 5, but make it to Div 4, you’ll receive the rewards for finishing in Div 4.

In addition to base Weekly Rewards, you can upgrade your current Weekly Rewards by winning more matches each week.

Seasons and Milestone Rewards


Division Rivals is now a seasonal competition tied to the overall FUT Season, approximately 6 weeks long.

Season Milestones are a new way to earn additional rewards in Division Rivals simply by playing Rivals matches. Regardless of whether you win or lose, you’ll make progress towards your Seasonal Rewards. You can earn up to three Milestone Rewards per Division based on the Division you finish in.

Season Refresh

At the start of each Season progression resets to a lower Division for all players. The Division a player rolls back to will depend on which Division they finished the previous Season in.

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Matchmaking in Division Rivals aims to find the best possible match by looking for opponents in neighbouring Stages and Divisions while taking into account the player’s physical location when determining the FIFA Game Data Center that the match will be played on.

Players in the Elite Division will matchmake only with other Elite Players based on Skill Rating and the player’s physical location.

FUT Champions

With FUT Champions, we are taking the competition structure and spreading it out throughout the week with the introduction of the Champions Play-Offs and Finals.

Our goal with FUT Champions this year was to improve accessibility and reduce the overall commitment required to participate, with fewer matches in the week.

We’ve moved to a points based system this year, rather than wins, so you’ll still make progress even if you lose. The updates to Champions aim to strike a balance between the previous time commitments while still offering a competitive experience and rewards.


To get access to FUT Champions, you’ll continue to earn Champions Qualification Points in Division Rivals. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you’ll be automatically entered into  the Play-Offs, and your Champions run for that entry can begin when you are ready to play.

Champions Play-Offs

The Champions Play-Offs are the first leg of the overall FUT Champions competition, and it is open for the duration of the FUT Season, approximately 6 weeks long. Players progress through a limited number of games on their own time, earning points toward Champions Ranks and Rewards. These are awarded at the end of your run in the Champions Play-Offs.

If you earn enough points, you will unlock a Finals Qualification Token granting access to the Champions Finals, and allowing you to continue participating in the competition. If you did not make it to the Finals, you can always return to the Play-Offs after re-qualifying through Rivals.

Champions Finals

The FUT Champions Finals will take place on weekends, using the same duration that was used for the Weekend League in FIFA 21. The Finals Qualification Token gives you the flexibility to enter the competition on your schedule.

Champions Re-Qualification and Entry

A change to the Champions Qualification process is a limited entry system that allows you to decide when and how to compete in FUT Champions. Within each FUT Season, approximately 6 weeks long, you will have a limited number of attempts at the Champions Competition with a single entry good for an attempt at the Champions Play-Offs, and a Champions Final if you qualify.

Champions Rewards

One of our goals with the introduction of the Play-Offs and Finals was to rebalance the rewards across both competition stages while lowering the overall match requirements.

When you start the Play-Offs, you are competing for the first set of rewards and a chance to qualify for the Finals, where you can further increase your rewards.

In the Finals, where you finish will decide your additional rewards. If you finish all of your matches in the Finals, you can claim your rewards instantly. If you still have matches to be played, your rewards will be granted at the end of the competition, based on where you finished.

Co-op Public Matchmaking

We’re introducing a new mode in FUT Friendlies called Co-op Public Matchmaking. The goal of this mode is to have a casual drop-in experience playing FUT with a new partner against other Co-op opponents.

In Online Friendlies, you’ll see the new game mode. From here, you’ll enter into a new team select screen with a list of pre-made Squads. You won’t be using your FUT squad in Public Matchmaking, instead, we’ll have unique Squads that will be changing on a regular basis.

This avoids a situation where both co-op partners want to use their own Squad. It’s also a great chance to try out some of the best players in FUT. The Squads will reflect recently released Player Items in the game, so you’ll see appropriately balanced teams.

Selecting one of the Squads will start a search for a partner, and your choice acts as your preferred Squad to play with. If we can’t find a partner looking to use the same preferred Squad, we’ll expand the search to look for partners using all of the possible Squads. When all possible Squads are being chosen, the squad choice will be assigned at random, so there’s a chance you may play with a different Squad if the search for a partner is expanded.Once you’ve found a partner, we’ll then matchmake you with another co-op pair who are also using the pre-made Squads to play against. If a match can’t be found, we’ll expand the search to anyone playing Co-Op Friendlies before expanding further to look for an Online Friendly Classic Match where you’ll play 2v1.

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