FIFA 22 Summer Swaps; Everything You Need to Know

The FIFA 22 Summer Swaps event is set to be the biggest one yet, with 50 tokens available to grind for. Here is all the information you need to know about the Summer Swaps in FIFA 22, from the start and end dates, to the rewards on offer.

After the ICON Swaps in previous years, the swaps concept has become a more common feature of FIFA 22. This year's promos come with a set of Tokens that can be earned, including Future Stars, FUT Birthday, and even Team of the Season.

The next big FUT event is Summer Swaps, which is gearing up to have 50 Tokens for players to earn and submit in order to receive some amazing rewards.

FIFA 22 Summer Swaps: Start and End Dates

On Friday, 24th of June 2022, at 6 PM BST, the "FIFA 22 Summer Swaps" and the "Shapeshifters Team 2" were both released on the "Ultimate Team".

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The event will last for one month, and players can earn rewards during this time. The deadline to earn rewards is Monday, July 25, 2022. After this date, no more rewards will be given out.

How to get Tokens and what rewards you can get

The FIFA 22 Summer Swaps event functions in a similar manner to the various other Swaps events which have taken place throughout the year. Players must complete in-game challenges to earn Tokens, with the value of rewards earned increasing as more Tokens are obtained.


There are various ways to earn tokens, for instance by crossing off objectives or by completing SBCs. Sometimes they are concealed within the sections of bigger objectives, so it is advisable that you check Ultimate Team on a daily basis to ensure that you haven't missed any.

If you're content with the amount of Tokens you have, you can then redeem them for prizes. These vary from less significant things like 85+ x 10 Player Packs to more valuable special cards.

With 50 Tokens to be won, there are plenty of rewards to be earned in FIFA 22 Summer Swaps. EA have decided to include some of the best rewards since we are so late into the game's lifecycle.

EA has announced the full slate of FIFA 22 Summer Swaps rewards, which are listed below:

82+ x 25 Pack 1
83+ x 25 Pack 2
84+ x 25 Pack 3
Icon Moments Schmeichel 4
85+ x 25 Pack 5
Shapeshifter Player Pick (1 of 3) 7
91+ EFIGS TOTS Player Pick (1 of 4) 9
Shapeshifters Kimpembe (92) 10
93+ Shapeshifters Player Pick (1 of 5) 15
95+ EFIGS TOTS Player Pick (1 of 5) 17
Icon Moments Cafu 20
95+ Shapeshifters Player Pick (1 of 5) 23
92+ Icon Moments Player Pick (1 of 3) 25
Shapeshifters Kimpembe (95) 27
96+ EFIGS TOTS Player Pick (1 of 5) 30
Prime Icon Ronaldinho 33
94+ Icon Moments Player Pick (1 of 4) 36
Icon Moments Zidane 40

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