FIFA 22 career mode features

You can customize your team’s home and away kits, the club’s crest as well as your home stadium. There is plenty of variation to choose from and you don’t need to fear that your team is running out of style.

Kits, crests, and your base stadium can be changed at the beginning of every new season.

We’re really excited to bring Stadium Customization into Career Mode in FIFA 22!

Pick from any of the base generic stadiums in the game and really make it your own. You can change its base color, seat color, and go deeper with changes such as the pitch pattern and the net shape.

The atmosphere around your club can be changed as well, with a wide selection of goal songs, crowd chants and walkout anthems to capture your club’s identity and style.

Stadium Customization is also available for existing clubs that don’t have a licensed stadium assigned in the game.

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Squad Builder

A brand new team needs players, and that’s why my favorite part of Create Your Club is the squad builder. Here you’ll be able to populate your new team with a starting group of players. When generating these new players, you will have control over your squad’s star rating and the average age of players. Before you commit to your new squad, you can play around with the various settings until you find a squad that you want to start your journey with.

The nationality of the generated players in your squad is based on the nationality makeup of the players in the league of your choice. For example, let’s assume that 7% of the players in the English Premier League have French nationality. Each time a player is generated for your squad in the English Premier League, there’s a 7% chance that they could be French. This keeps squads feeling authentic no matter what league you choose to play in.

After setting up your squad, you can also choose your starting budget and either go from humble beginnings or create football’s next big spenders, as your transfer budget can start as high as 1 billion of your chosen currency. You can then use your budget to sign new players to strengthen key positions as soon as you begin playing.

Board Priorities

Last but not least, you will be able to change your club board’s priorities. These priorities can dictate the objectives you will receive in all categories.

Note that domestic and regional priorities will be influenced by your team’s star rating as well. For example, if you start a career with a 3 star club in LaLiga and a High Priority Domestic objective, you will have an objective to avoid relegation in the first season, given that your team is one of the weakest rated teams in the league, and a long term objective for a top 4 finish in 4 years.

There are a variety of board priority presets built into the club creation flow to help you find the right philosophy for your club. If you want to experiment, you can also tweak each individual setting to hit your sweet spot and make each playthrough feel fresh.

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Player Career

We’ve made significant changes and updates to Player Career in FIFA 22 in order to refresh the mode and make your player journey more memorable.

Coming On As A Sub


A new addition to FIFA 22 Player Career is the ability to come into the match from the bench. Our aim was to deliver the experience of a young prospect climbing the ranks to the starting lineup.

Once you’ve made your way to the subs bench, you’ll be able to jump into the next match from the moment in which your Manager decides to sub you in. This will be showcased in the pre-match launcher, where you can choose to either play the remainder of the match or sim past it.

Choosing to play the remainder of the match will take you to the pitch from the moment you are subbed in, with your new Match Objectives being revealed. We’ll cover Match Objectives in greater detail later on.

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Manager Rating

Manager Rating is the system that measures your manager’s belief in you as a member of the squad.

You’ll start your career as a bench player, with the manager giving you reduced minutes to impress them. If you complete the objectives set for you, your Pro will start to see increased playing time, potentially breaking into the starting 11.

On the opposite side of things, if you fail your objectives constantly you will end up getting dropped. Performing well in Training will allow you to get back in for a chance at redemption but if you constantly fail to make the squad, you may ultimately end up transfer listed. Your Pro’s overall rating determines if they will be put up for a transfer or a loan.

The requirements to make the starting 11 versus the bench are based on the quality of the squad. So you’ll have little room for failure in a top club as you’ll have to be at your best to hold on to your spot in the starting lineup, while for lower rated clubs you’re more likely to be forgiven for failing an objective occasionally.

The Manager Rating system is also in place for your relationship with your nation’s international manager. After you make the squad by becoming one of the best players in your position in the country, you will be called up to the national team. Just like at your club, you’ll need to train and complete Match Objectives to cement your starting lineup position and push your team forward to glory.

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Match Objectives

You will consolidate your starting position by successfully completing all new Match Objectives. They will be revealed to you as you step on the pitch, and you also have the ability to enhance one of them and make it a personal goal for an extra Player Growth reward, which we’ll cover in more detail later on.

The Match Objectives are generated based on a couple of factors:

1. Your playing position.

If the formation of the team doesn’t include your preferred position, such as the CAM position in a 4-4-2 formation, the manager will look at your qualities in other areas of the pitch to determine which position will be best for you.

2. The quality of your team compared to the opposition.

While things start off easy in pre-season, you could receive objectives of a higher difficulty range based on the quality of the opposition, or if you’re playing against a rival club.

3. The formation your team is using compared to the one of the opposition.

If you’re a striker facing a strong defensive force in a 5-4-1 formation you can have a harder time scoring compared to a 3-4-3 formation, and FIFA 22 acknowledges that. The game also acknowledges your squad’s formation. If you’re the lone forward in the squad without a striker partner, you won’t receive any objectives to make assists.

All of these systems are working together to make sure that you have a varied set of challenges each time you step on the pitch.

Match Objectives and Coming On As A Sub are available for both Created Player and Real Player careers.

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Player Growth (Created Players)

The FIFA 22 Player Career features an overhauled Player Growth system that puts the development of your created players in your hands. It’s all about earning experience points (XP) and leveling up your player as you progress through your career.

What follows is specific to using a Created Player. Playing Player Career with a Real Player will continue to work as it did in previous iterations.

Leveling Up & Earning XP

Earning XP will level up your Pro and unlock Skill Points with each new level achieved.

There are multiple ways for you to earn XP in Player Career:

1. Match Rewards –You will earn XP at the end of each match you play.

The vast majority of XP earned is based on your Match Rating at the end of the match, but you can also earn additional XP for performing different actions such as scoring goals, making tackles or winning headers. Whenever you perform an action that grants you XP at the end of the match, an icon with 3 chevrons will appear next to the Player Indicator.

2. Training –You can participate in 3 training sessions every week. The amount of XP you can earn from a training session varies depending on your preferred position. If you’re a striker for example, you’ll earn more training XP from Shooting drills than you would from Defending drills.

There are two additional XP bonuses you can earn from training:

  • First Time Played Bonus – We encourage you to try out all training drills by awarding an amount of XP when you play each of them for the first time.
  • Playing Bonus – Each time you play a drill rather than simulate it, you will receive bonus XP regardless of the grade you achieve.

You will also be able to make presets of your favorite training sessions to have them readily available for selection as soon as you’re prepared to train again.

3. Enhanced Match Objectives –Completing the enhanced objective of your choice will grant you bonus XP.

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